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Lex Products PCS Trio Lighting Dimmers and Relay Systems

PCS Trio Lighting Dimmers and Relays

Lex Products PCS Trio Lighting Dimmers and Relay Systems

Now you can have Lighting Dimmers and Relays all contained in one simple solution. Get complete control of LED Lights requiring relays for power as well as dimmers for conventional tungsten lighting. Also used for powering and controlling projectors, projector screens, speakers and more. Build the system you need with modules for dimming, as well as single pole relays and double pole relays, all contained in one cabinet. Power all your lighting, audio and video from one source! Perfect solution for conference halls, school auditoriums, event spaces and houses of worship. Chamber cabinets are available to hold 4, 8 or 16 modules. There are (6) module types of different combinations of dimmers and relays. Each module has (3) positions (Trio) such as 3 dimmers or 3 single pole relays or a combination of relays and dimmers.

Features and Benefits

  • Deliver power to a wide range of devices in a single panel
  • Modules connect dimmers, single pole, and double pole relays to all phases of power
  • Integrate easily with other power control and management devices
  • Supports the following control protocols: DMX-512A, RDM, E1.31 sACN and Art-Net.
  • Module Based Sensors react to over-temperature on a per module, rather than per panel basis
  • Chamber Controller provides both local and remote operation of modules
  • (6) Module types may be placed in the Module Chamber in any order or combination the application requires
  • Patent-pending ‘plenum’ design leverages natural heat convection