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Rosco Miro Cube UV 365 LED Light 50W - BLACK

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Rosco Miro Cube UV365 LED Light 50W - BLACK

The Rosco Miro Cube UV365 LED Light 50W is a compact yet powerful UV Black Light and runs on just 50 watts of power. See dramatic results when lighting for night clubs, theme parks, stage and studio. Features 5 Pin DMX 512 input and output connectors for precise control from a lighting console in 8 bit or 16 bit. Input power uses a powercon connector. The LCD display on rear of unit allows for onboard control with out the use of a lighting console.


Optimal Output:

LED technology tuned to a narrow 365nm, true UV peak output, Miro Cube UV365 excels at making fluorescent scenery, make-up and set materials come to life! An astounding 10,800 mW of energy is delivered using a sleek, custom engineered lens optic, which maximizes the UV output. Narrow or wide beam optics are available to illuminate fluorescent scenery over a broad range of short to long projection distances. A full range of flicker-free dimming is available, allowing designers to create fade-to-black and other special effects.

Innovative Compact Design

Very little space is wasted in the elegant, rugged design of the Miro Cube. Our unique, patent-pending heat management system allows 50 watts of LEDs to be packed into a tiny 4 inch cube - a fraction of the space needed by the most popular, comparable black lights on the market. The Miro Cube has been engineered to be durable, reliable and affordable without sacrificing the qualities expected by demanding lighting professionals.

Hassle-Free Maintenance

The Miro Cube UV's 20,000 hour life eliminates the regular and costly lamp changes required with traditional UV luminaires. No hot, power hungry ballasts to cool and replace means less cooling expenses and fewer fragile components to fail. Miro Cube's standard fault detection and protection systems prevent power spikes, environmental extremes and mechanical failures from permanently damaging the cube.

Miro Cube UV365

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