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How to Order and Specify a Custom Gobo

How to Order and Specify a Custom Gobo

Rule No. One - Plan ahead! Rosco's custom gobo service is intended to provide as much flexibility as needed to meet the requirements of your project. But there is no substitute for having enough time to get the job done right.

Some basic guidelines to help you plan your job are:

1. Know your artwork. Often the person ordering the custom gobo has nothing to do with getting the artwork created. But without knowing what the artwork is - black and white, photographic color, a simple 2 color logo etc. - we cannot give you a quote, provide delivery estimates or accept the job.

2. Know your fixture. The fixture you use will determine the size of the gobo and size determines price. The fixture will also tell our Customer Service staff whether your gobo will be subject to normal or extreme temperatures. And we'll know what type of gobo is best suited to use in your fixture. (See the Sizing Chart for complete information about fixture and gobo sizes)

3. Know the job. How many gobos do you need? (Do you want an extra for backup?). When do you need the gobos (more specifically, when is the "drop-dead" date since invariably custom gobos are rush jobs!) What is the Ship To address and what shipping method should we use?

4. Pick a dealer Rosco only sells through our distribution network. If you contact Rosco directly about a custom gobo, please understand that we are happy to work with you directly concerning artwork and technical matters. But when it comes time to deal with money, you will need to place your actual order with a dealer. If you do not have a Rosco dealer in mind, we will provide you with a list of dealers in your local area.