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LiteGear LiteMat LED

LiteGear LiteMat LED
LiteGear LiteMat LED

LiteGear LiteMat LED | Tungsten | Daylight | Hybrid

Ground breaking lighting from LiteGear, the LiteMat will change the way you think. Simple to use, lightweight, durable and affordable are the features we all desire in a light source. At just one inch thick and surprisingly bright, the LiteMat will be in everyone's arsenal. Available in 5 Sizes.

Do you already own LiteGear? That's great, because all your dimmers and power supplies, cables and battery adapters, that you use with VHO Pro LiteRibbon, work with it. A complete interchangeable system for all your lighting needs.

LiteGear-Car LiteGear-Car-Window
LiteGear-LED-Flat LiteGear-LED-Front