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LightWare Cases

LightWare Cases

LightWare Cases, Better than the Rest

In search of long-lasting, soft-padded cases and camera bags that will keep your gear in play longer? Lightware cases are one of the best choices for protecting your expensive equipment. Lightware manufactures cases for all your film, video and photography equipment, including cameras, laptops, electronics and cargo. All of these protective cases are sewn and assembled in Colorado with grade-A materials for exceptional quality and performance for demanding photographers, videographers and DPs.

Each Lightware soft-padded case is constructed with ample pockets and high-teach features, such as convenient dividers that allow you to configure the interior compartments to meet your individual needs. Comfortable carrying straps also allow for pain-free carting. We have many airline checkable camera gear bags by Lightware that allow you to easily transport your equipment to locations anywhere in the world. Questions? Contact BarnDoor Lighting at 1-888-276-3667 or