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Litescape LWD Architectural Dimming System

Leprecon Litescape LWD Architectural Dimming SystemLitescape LWD Architectural Dimming System

Houselite Architectural Systems The Litescape Architectural Series Houselite System is designed to meet the lighting challenges of architectural installations in houses of worship, theatres, corporate and municipal buildings and schools. Litescape Architectural panels allow designers to create dramatic “Litescaped” environments and “looks” that are recalled by just the touch of a button.

These environments are varied and may include accenting works of art, illuminating parking areas and walkways in universities, and enhancing the architectural features of hotels or corporate structures.

Houses of worship use architectural lighting to illuminate special religious celebrations as well as weddings, youth group programs and to enhance daily rituals. In many of these facilities lighting maintenance and design is performed on a volunteer basis, therefore ease of use is an outstanding feature built into this system.

You can mix and match Litescape Architectural stations based on the needs of your system. The system is expandable and can hold up to 30 panels. Any room/zone/preset mix is allowed. Litescape stations fit into Raco 690 series electrical boxes.

All face plates are aluminum and finished in a durable baked on enamel. The color is a neutral, off-white with unobtrusive warm gray graphics. Custom colors are available. Consult factory for cost and delivery time.

  • Flexible Modular Design
  • Output Level LED Indicators
  • Up to 96 Total Zones
  • Keyswitch Priority Lockout
  • Supports 8 Rooms with 12 Presets Each
  • Programmable Presets