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Kino Flo Select BiColor | RGB LED Lights

Select BiColor|RGB LED Lights

Get Lightweight Location BiColor | RGB LED Lights with Kino Flo Select LEDs

The versatile Kino Flo 4x4 Fluorescent we all love to use for creating soft, natural light is the design basis for the new Kino Flo Select Series of BiColor LED lights. Now you can get tungsten 2700K or daylight 6500K without changing tubes, just dial it in! Featuring a lightweight fixture with detachable ballast and 25ft header cable and an ultra compact form factor of just 3 inches deep. What's even better? The Select LED includes DMX input and outputs for easy daisy chaining of lighting control, as well as built in Lumen Radio Receiver for Wireless Control. Need more color control? The Select LED features plus green and minus green for a perfect camera color match. In addition the Kino Flo Select LED features universal voltage input from 100-240 VAC or 24 VDC battery power. Get cool, super energy efficient LED Lighting from Kino Flo.