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Kino Flo Vista Beam 310 DMX Center Mount Fixture VIS-310C-120

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Kino Flo Vista Beam 310 DMX Center Mount Fixture VIS-310C-120

Kino Flo?s VistaBeam 610 and 310 will change the way our industry lights film and television studios. A VistaBeam 610, for example, delivers the equivalent of a 4,000 Watt Softlight, but uses only nine Amps of power. Both fixtures have a DMX control system and the ability to produce daylight or tungsten balanced light from the same fixture.

VistaBeam Features Include

The VistaBeam Fixture includes:

VistaBeam Fixture:

The VistaBeam 610 and 310 display a broad soft beam for studio and location lighting. The VistaBeam 610 puts out more light than a 4K quartz softlight (120VAC) but uses only 9 Amps of power compared to 34 Amps needed for the quartz light. Its compact sibling, the VistaBeam 310, is half the size and delivers more light than a 2,000 watt quartz softlight.

Kino Flo designed the VistaBeam series to be a lightweight alternative to conventional studio softlights such as ?chicken coops? and ?space lights?. VistaBeams also do a better job of illuminating interior and exterior sets with daylight quality light than HMI?s punching through fabric diffusion boxes. Fitted with narrow spectrum blue or green visual effects lamps, VistaBeams are ideal for composite screen lighting applications.

The unique lighting characteristics and fixture design of the VistaBeam have already captured the imagination of film, video and photo lighting professionals worldwide, and have earned the respect of lighting departments grateful for the fresh stream of rental income.

Dmx and Manual Control

The VistaBeam 310 uses four DMX addresses (3 for individual lamps + 4th address to control High Output/Standard Output light levels).

An optional remote control can be used to turn lamps on and off.

VistaBeam Advantages

In order to appreciate the advantages and the advancements of VistaBeam technology, one has to compare the VistaBeam to other studio softlight sources.

Tungsten-based softlights like ?chicken coop? or ?space light? style fixtures have common operating characteristics. First, they are power guzzlers that can draw from 32 to 50 Amps at 120 VAC and only produce as much light as a VistaBeam 600 that uses barely 10 amps of power. Further, tungsten globes have a 200-hour life. Or less. This means that a production can expect to change globes every 16 to 20 days of shooting. By contrast, the T7 True Match lamps in a VistaBeam are rated for more than 10,000 hours under normal operating conditions. A VistaBeam takes six T7 lamps. A 6K chicken coop takes six 1,000 watt bulbs, each costing 20% more per bulb. The cost savings over tungsten bulb replacements is huge.

The excessive heat produced by tungsten bulbs causes other problems. For example, running at more than 600? Celsius, there is a danger of a faulty lamp exploding and the resulting hot shards of glass damaging the set or injuring personnel under the lights. By contrast, the VistaBeam operates coolly, at about 70? Celsius. The T7 lamps don?t explode like a tungsten bulb. Not to mention that the low operating temperature of a VistaBeam affords substantially lower air-conditioning costs.

There is an important practical advantage to the long lived lamps as well. Once a fixture is rigged high up in the studio grid, it can be very difficult to maintain the fixture once the set is built below. As a result, fewer lamp replacements in a hard-to-reach location translate into lower labor costs. And by simply mixing True Match? KF55 and KF29 lamps in the VistaBeam, lighting designers can produce a range of color temperatures using the remote DMX protocol without sending crew members up to change out color gels.

Softlights radiate light in a broad field. Flags, cutters, skirts or louvers are needed to concentrate the light into specific areas. The VistaBeam optical reflector drives the light out in a lateral beam. The beam is focused at about six meters. This highly efficient reflector maximizes the light output and concentrates it where it is needed most. To achieve a broad distribution of light, diffusion gels can be used to break the optical characteristics of the fixture. An optional soft China Dome can also be used for broader soft light distribution.

Blue and green screen lighting applications will also benefit from the optical design of the VistaBeam. The units can be positioned closer to the screen at a sharper angle than the popular Image 80 and Image 85 series cyc lighting fixtures. The result is higher light levels using fewer fixtures. Unlike tungsten far cycs and sky pan lighting systems, the VistaBeam can take blue and green spiked visual effects lamps that further enhance the suitability of the fixtures for composite photography.

As a soft light instrument the VistaBeam has a high potential for use on film and TV production sets. All set lighting rental operations profit from equipment that is in steady use. The less time it sits on the shelf the more profit it generates. The VistaBeam series will not only be a popular location or studio soft key light but can be used in place of more traditional single application instruments such as those discussed above.

Volts: 120V

Amps: 4.0 amps

Weight: 28.6 lbs

Switching: 1-3 lamps

Dimensions: 37.5" x 20" x 8.5"

Lamps Required: 3 (NOT INCLUDED)

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