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Ikan Tilta DSLR Camera Rig

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Ikan Tilta DSLR Camera Rig Cage, Hand Held, Shoulder Mount


The Tilta DSLR Shoulder Rig is a precision machined and black anodized shoulder rig and DSLR cage system, complete with matte box, follow focus unit, sliding balance plate, and 15mm LWS rod system. Designed to bring a professional toolset to DSLR cinematography, the system also supports compact to large sized camcorders. This makes it ideal for use by camera operators who use different models of cameras and want to use one rig with almost any camera.

The components of the rig allow it to be configured anywhere from stripped down run n' gun shooting, to full blown tripod or hand held indie production rig. When shooting with a DSLR set up, you will want to use the CA-T03 curved arms as part of the set up, these provide you with a cage, to protect your DSLR, and attachment points for accessories, it also provides a solid frame to attach the TH-T03 Top Handle to. The top handle allows you to carry the whole rig by the top handle, it won’t stress your camera, and gives you a great way to get those hand held low angle shots, and the rods are perfect for attaching additional lens accessories above the lens.

The baseplate set up is the BS-T03 VCT-U14 Quick-Release Baseplate, and this is one of the more fully featured baseplate/sliding dovetail plates around. The baseplate itself is a sliding baseplate with both ¼"-20 and 3/8"-16 camera tie-downs. It also features a brace that locks your DSLR camera in place, preventing it from twisting on the plate as you shoot with it. The brace is removable, for when you are working with larger cameras. The dovetail plate features spring loaded safety catches, so you don’t have to worry about the sliding baseplate flying off, and it allows the sliding baseplate four inches of balance adjustment. The included front mounted 15mm LWS support rods feature vertical adjustment, which is very useful when trying to use rod mounted accessories with cameras that don’t have the standard lens mount center height. On the bottom of the baseplate is a rigid foam shoulder pad, for the operator’s right shoulder, which features over two inches of forward and back balance adjustment. In addition, the baseplate incorporates a Sony V-lock mount, so you can mount this to a tripod with a Sony V-lock Mounting system, and then easily go from tripod to shoulder mount in seconds.

This Tilta system features a lightweight MB-T03 4 x 4 Carbon Fiber Matte Box. This mattebox features a swing away design, making it fast to check and change lenses, one fixed and one rotating 4 x 4 filter stages (with two filter trays), a top flag (eyebrow) and two side flags. The top and side flags are adjustable, on hinges, so they can be positioned just out of frame, and then locked in place so they don’t move during the shot. The matte box accommodates lenses with a 100 mm outer diameter, and when using smaller diameter lenses, use the included anti-reflection lens adapters and "Nun's Knickers".

The included FF-T03 Follow Focus unit, is machined out of aluminum, and snaps onto LWS 15mm rods, so you don’t have to remove other accessories if you have to move the follow focus unit. It also features two adjustable hard stops, which are useful when working with lenses that don’t have any hard stops, and just rotate endlessly. On the back of the unit is a variable tension adjustment, allowing you to smoothly add resistance to the hand wheel if you want it. The drive gear is removable, and the unit comes with five removable gear bands that you can attach to lenses that don’t have built-in gears. It also includes a 12” whip and a speed crank, giving you everything you could ask for in a lightweight follow focus unit.

With three points of articulation for each grip, the Tilta UH-T03 Universal Handgrip features ARRI compatible rosettes and kipping (spring loaded) levers for fast secure adjustment points, to allow you to position the handgrips just where you want them. The handgrips attach to a snap on support bridge that clamps onto either LWS 15mm or 19mm studio support rods, making adjustments and repositioning easy, as you don’t have to remove your other rod accessories if you want to reposition the handgrips, to fine tune the balance.

Rounding out the package are the MA-T03 10" Articulating Arm, and the LS-T03 Lens Support, which is a quick release lens support that snaps onto LWS 15mm rods, just as with the follow focus and universal handgrip. The monitor arm features ¼"-20 male threaded male ends and thumb nuts to secure it to what it attaches to. It is an Israeli style arm that uses a central thumb screw to hold it in place once you have set the position. Included with the articulating arm is a quick release bracket for LWS 15mm support rods, making it a snap to position and reposition the articulating arm on any LWS 15mm support rods, either below the lens or above. The entire Tilta rig packs into the included SC-T03 Safety Case, which features waterproof design, custom cut foam interior for the Tilta rig components, an automatic pressure relief valve for traveling in airplanes, and the case rolls on wheels and features a pull out handle.

The design, construction, and components of the Tilta DSLR rig make it a ready-to-go production package, just add your own camera. Considering the price point of the rig, it is an exceptional value.


Ikan Tilta DSLR Camera Rig Cage, Hand Held, Shoulder Mount

***Camera and Lens (shown in photo) NOT Included***

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