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Dedolight K24S Dedo 150W Lighting Kit - Discontinued


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Dedolight K24S Dedo 3 x 150W Light Kit

The purchase price of a Dedolight head is approximately the same as that of a 300W fresnel. But, as every lighting professional knows, the major expense of a lighting system is not the purchase price but the operating costs. Here, our advanced technology clearly pays off, cutting operating costs between 90 percent and 99 percent. In time, the Dedolight system pays for itself many times over. Here's how:

* The lamps used in the Dedolight system cost about one-fifth as much as those in lights with comparable output.

* The 24V lamps last eight to twenty times as long. That's the difference between buying a new lamp once every week and buying one every two to five months.

* Dedolight lamps are virtually indestructible, unharmed by the shocks, knocks and vibration that regularly blow standard halogen lamps.

* Dedolight systems consume as little as one-sixth the electricity used by conventional lights. And the system's low wattage almost never blows a fuse.

How long does it take for a Dedolight system to pay for itself? If you replace an existing light with a Dedolight head, the cost will be amortized in about 20 months depending on frequency of use. If you buy a Dedolight head instead of adding another 300 Watt fresnel to your collection, the purchase cost may amortize in a few months.

The DT24–3 Power Supply/Control unit can simultaneously power three classic Dedolight heads equipped with 150 W lamps at a nominal voltage of 24 VAC.

Its AC power input can be set for every AC power in the world from 100–255 V in 24 steps.

Each light output can be individually and independently switched in four distinct steps, each increasing color temperature and output.

The DT24–3 also incorporates an input voltage indicator allowing the user to determine the correct input voltage setting at a glance and to precisely control the color temperature.

K24S Standard 150 W 24 V Tungsten Kit Includes:

Technical Data: DT24–3 Power Supply

Dedolight K24S Standard (3) 150W Tungsten Light Kit

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