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Barger-Baglite...It's all about innovation, design, & engineering.


Barger Baglite

Barger-Baglite offers Open Face Lighting Fixtures from 3,000W to 6,000W that plug into an ordinary edison (household) outlet. The GT-3 utilizes (1) 15 amp edison plug and the GT-6 utilizes (3) 15 amp edison plugs.

Now you can get the punch of 3,000W or 6,000W open face without the need for a tie-in...They just plug into the wall!

What else is great? They're built to take a Chimera Softbank without needing a Chimera Speed Ring.

Tired of setting a light with a Chimera and it tilts during the shot? Not with the Barger-Baglite! Set it and forget it, it has a serious tilt lock...

The GT-3 also has (3) individually switched lamps, while the GT-6 has (6) individually swithched lamps. NO NEED FOR CHANGING HOT SCRIMS!

They utilize GE's technology of the 650W FCM/HIR Lamp. These lamps produce more than 90% of the output of a 1,000W FCM Lamp with less heat by retaining the infared spectrum. You may also use 1,000W FCM or FHM, but they do produce much more heat.


Barger-Baglite 3-Lite V2.0
Price: $1,650.00
Our Price: $1,650.00

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Barger-Baglite 6 -Lite V 2.0
Price: $2,125.00
Our Price: $2,125.00

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